Redfinger: A Rogue Character in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds


Since its launch in 2021, Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds has become a widely-regarded RPG with a big fan base. Out of the selection of professions, the Rogue class is the most agile and supportive. This article will go into detail about the Rogue class in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds, its special capabilities and abilities, and some advice for mastering the class.

An Overview of the Rogue Profession

Rogue is a class that has been around for a long time. It is a class that focuses on stealth and agility. Rogues are known for their quick reflexes, low-profile nature, and ability to blend in with any crowd. They have a wide range of skills and abilities that make them a versatile class. Rogues can specialize in a variety of weapons, as well as use poisons and traps to their advantage. They are adept at getting into and out of tight spots, and can use their skills to gain an advantage in combat. Rogues also have the ability to pick locks and pockets, making them a valuable asset for any party.

Rogues boast impressive mobility, making them exceptionally good at zipping around the battleground and evading enemy assaults. Additionally, their skillset is very useful for boosting their allies’ attack power, defense, and agility. In this way, they can provide a great deal of support to their party.

The Tool of Preference for the Rogue is The Weapon.

The Rogue class relies on short bows as their weapon of choice, which is tailored to the way they fight. The lightweight build and convenient size makes maneuverability easier and swiftness more achievable. Furthermore, the fast-paced firing rate of short bows is advantageous for Rogues, allowing them to fire multiple arrows at their foes from a distance.

The capacity to perform rogue-like tasks and techniques is something that can be cultivated through practice. People can become adept at mastering these special techniques, which can be of great advantage in certain situations.

The Rogue class has a wide array of skills to offer. Examining a selection of the most advantageous abilities that Rogues possess can be beneficial for any team.

The Rogue is able to launch a shower of arrows that will cause sustained harm across a broad area. Those targeted will have their movement speed lessened, creating an ideal situation for the team to take out the foes.

The Rogue is capable of firing arrows which can pass through foes, inflicting damage. Upon being struck, these adversaries will be propelled backward and have their movements slowed, thus providing your companions and yourself the opportunity to go in for the kill.

Rogues who need to get away quickly can take advantage of the Evade Shot ability. This skill allows them to rapidly retreat while simultaneously shooting arrows, making it a great tool for both attacking and evading.

The Rogue’s Twisted Arrow is a formidable ability that can twist space and time. When the arrow strikes an enemy, it will cause a blast in the area, trapping any foes in close proximity and rendering them immobile. This skill is a great tool for setting up ambushes and giving your team a tactical advantage.

Performance Time: This advantageous ability is great for augmenting the attack, defense, and movement speed of your group. It has the capability to magnify the attack, defense, and mobility of the team member who has the greatest offensive power. When combined with the Twisted Arrow technique, it can be an incredibly destructive combination that can vanquish even the mightiest of adversaries.

The Burning Heart ability is a highly effective ability which strengthens the Courageous Heart, increasing the attack power of the user and their allies. This skill is particularly useful for facing off against formidable opponents and bosses.

Preserve your ability to move: As a Rogue, the ability to move quickly is your greatest weapon. Ensure you are consistently changing positions, evading enemy strikes, and launching unexpected assaults from a distance.

Cheer for Your Teammates: Rogues are remarkable at offering assistance to their comrades. Utilize your skills and capabilities to empower your teammates’ attack force, protection, and speed. This will not only prolong their survival in combat but also boost their odds of success.

The Rogue class is great for dispatching adversaries from afar, but you should be wise in deciding who to target. Start by eliminating the weaker opponents first, and then work your way up to tougher ones. This will help you conserve your power and be successful in taking out enemies quickly.

Develop Your Expertise: Rogues possess a broad set of aptitudes and talents that can be applied in distinct settings. Make sure to hone your skills and talents to the highest level possible.

In Summary

Rogues in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds are a powerful and adaptable class with their shortbows offering great mobility and support. With careful consideration of their targets, and an understanding of their abilities, these characters can dominate enemies from a distance while providing beneficial buffs to their companions. To succeed in any battle, one must stay in motion, aid their team, and hone their Rogue class skills. Take your Rogue into the world of Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds and begin your journey!